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Advocacy - Whose Shoes?

In 2009 Bridge Rail Foundation began a special display of shoes to commemorate lives lost to suicide at the Golden Gate Bridge. A pair of World War I Army boots, which commemorated the first known jumper, a WWI veteran, topped the display, called “Whose Shoes?”. Many of shoes were once worn by actual Golden Gate Bridge jumpers. They were donated by surviving family members to add even greater poignancy and meaning to the display. For several years this display was featured at public gatherings and suicide prevention activities throughout the Bay Area.

In May of 2012—during the festivities for the 75th anniversary of the bridge—we organized a larger, more complete presentation. This “Whose Shoes?” also featured chalk outlines of shoes to memorialize the many people who jumped from the Golden Gate Bridge and their bodies never were recovered. Other people whose suicides weren’t recorded, recognized, or known were referenced in a general way.

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Bridge Rail Foundation is a tax-exempt non-profit dedicated to stopping suicide on the Golden Gate Bridge, and other suicide prone public facilities. We need your support to get the word out.

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